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Silvia Curbelo Betancort

Silvia Curbelo Betancort

About Silvia

Silvia is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

My story begins in Lanzarote, and continues in Madrid, Copenhagen and the Benelux countries. I hold a Bachelor degree in Journalism and a Master degree in European Public Affairs. Alongside, I have gained experience in press, social media, and management/dissemination of EU-funded projects in the fields of regional development and R&D.

I think variety is the spice of life, and I cannot conceive it without art, nature and chocolate. The guiding thread of my career is my passion for communications and politics. This blog, and Brussels, offer me a bit of both.

Feel free to contact me in Spanish, English or French at
*protected email*.

Articles by Silvia:

What is ITS and how it will change the way you move?

30 April 2015

ITS is the acronym for Intelligent Transport Systems, which refers to the application of Information and Communication technologies in different transport modes and transport infrastructures. It is a pretty broad concept that encompasses, for example, real-time traffic information, Advance Driver Assistance systems, automated cars or contactless ticketing. Currently, transport infrastructures are under strong pressure, particularly […]

ECI recap at the European Parliament

6 March 2015

Last week, on 26th of February 2015, the PETI and AFCO committees at the European Parliament hosted a public hearing on the European Citizens Initiative (ECI). The event brought together representatives from the European institutions, the European Ombudsman, campaigners and experts to discuss the lessons learned. Since the ECI regulation entered into force on 1st […]

A Great Green Wall at the edge of the desert

23 October 2014

Desertification and land degradation affect millions of people in the Sahel and the Sahara, home to the world’s poorest populations. In a place where around two-thirds of the land cover consists of drylands and deserts, desertification makes its way – boosted by human pressure, deforestation and climate change. Food security and the livelihood of local communities […]

#EP2014 Part 1: The Candidates

21 May 2014

If the EU had a hall of fame, the first ever candidates to the presidency of the European Commission elected by the European Parliament would have probably already won their star. During their pre-electoral periplus across Europe, they have met hordes of journalists and participated in numerous national political rallys held in a Babel of […]

MEP López Aguilar: “Europe should use its last opportunity to restore the European social model”

21 March 2014

Juan Fernando López Aguilar is the head of the Spanish delegation of the PES and the current president of the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee. In this interview, the Canarian lawyer and politician links the promise of a better Europe with a turn to the left, asking pro-Europeans to believe and to vote.

Territorial Cooperation within the Northern Periphery… and the Arctic

12 March 2014

Today we will have a ride through the far North of Europe, led by Mr. Ole Damsgaard, Head of the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) Secretariat. The area covered by this programme is characterised by its harsh climate, sparse population and remoteness. Moreover, as climate change gradually modifies its morphology, this programme gives ever more attention […]

Insects for feed… and for food?

14 February 2014

Keys to understand the still very unlikely Insects’ single market The demand for food is growing, in parallel to the increase in the global population and the expansion of the middle class in emerging economic and demographic potencies. As a result of that, meat consumption has increased 20 fold over the past 40 years. This […]

Spanish abortion law in the political pendulum

18 January 2014

Spanish politics could be compared with a pendulum, moving left and right, left and right, depending on the color of the political party governing. Long ago, a professor explained me that the doing-and-undoing dynamic, the lack of political consensus and the short-term goals guided by purely electoral interests or pressure from specific groups, inevitably leads […]

Greek presidency of the EU: Athenian priorities, Spartan budget

8 January 2014

Today, the opening ceremony of the new rotating presidency of the EU is taking place in Athens. With the arrival of 2014, Greece has taken on the flywheel of the Council for the fifth time.  It will be followed by Italy, which will take the lead from July onwards. Thus, Mediterranean winds will blow across […]

ESPON: Eyes on European regions and cities

6 December 2013

From promising opportunities of metropolitan cooperation to attracting investment as a means of counteracting gender imbalances in rural areas, ESPON maps untapped development resources in European regions and cities. It aims to feed territorial evidence into the policy arena, supporting the formulation of well-tuned policy measures. In this article Mr Peter Mehlbye, Director of the […]


1 December 2013

Today is World AIDS Day, the day to raise awareness on what is HIV and what needs to be done in order to tackle the challenges triggered by this global pandemic. It is also the moment for activists to show people how to prevent HIV infection and to promote early diagnosis through HIV testing. It […]

Barroso Reclaims More Europe

11 September 2013

The President of the European Commission, Mr. Barroso, has delivered today the annual speech on the State of the Union. This could be the last time Mr. Barroso is in charge of reporting the main successes and challenges of the Union, in sight of the elections to the Presidency of the European Commission which will […]

Europe 2020 Strategy: Chronicle of a Failure Foretold?

19 July 2013

I remember when I first read Chronicles of a Death Foretold with the purpose of discovering how good writers can make people read a book even when they know in advance the fatal outcome. Somehow, I feel a bit like that when I hear again and again references to the Europe 2020 Strategy with the […]

Keep an ace… under the Sea!

7 June 2013

The Sea… what comes to your mind when you think about it? A year ago, I would think of a great blue extension of Atlantic ocean, big waves beating volcanic rock, splattering spume all around and bringing me a feeling of pure freedom. Romantic as I am, I still try to keep this souvenir attached […]

What is the picture of Europe? A talk with Jeroen Moes

19 April 2013

This post is about a chat and, just like any self-respecting chat, it took place around a steaming cup of coffee. It was in Maastricht, and as you had already probably figured out due to its heading, it was about European identity. In the picture you can see my interlocutor, Jeroen Moes,who was in charge of […]

Fraternité and the Swimming Salmon

5 April 2013

Decades after the signing of the Schengen Agreement, the EU can boast of having created a space with no internal borders in almost all of its Member States. The agreement’s aim was to improve the functioning of the internal market and to bring the benefits of integration to the citizens of Europe.

Farewell to Stéphane Hessel, the man who gave ideological substrate to the social unrest

28 February 2013

The ‘Indignados’ movement’s participants in Spain, throughout their breakaway yet inclusive attempts, refused to wear any political labels. “We are neither left, nor right,” they used to emphasize during their first spontaneous assemblies in 2011. Instead, they proudly exhibited an intellectual affiliation with a 95-year-old rebel – Stéphane Hessel. Hessel died on the 27th of […]