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Pauline Lucas

Pauline Lucas

About Pauline

Pauline is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

As a hopeless explorer and road trip addict, I have been wandering around Europe throughout the past 6 years. I started by studying law and languages in my home country of France and finished abroad thanks to the wonderful Erasmus programme. I believe this experience gave me a permanent “Fernweh”. This, in addition to my long lasting interest for the EU, led me naturally to do a MA in European studies, in Poland.

After a stimulating year of MA in European Public Affairs at Maastricht University, where I was concomitantly working for the European Institute of Public Administration (EU decision-making unit), I am now doing a traineeship for a EU public affairs consultancy, in Brussels. My areas of predilection are regional policy, transport, energy and environment.

For any comment or complaint, please contact me in English, French, German or Italian at *protected email*

Articles by Pauline:

France: Cleaning up the political mess after the earthquake?

6 June 2014

On Monday 26th May, France woke up shocked after the political earthquake it experienced with the result of the European Parliament elections. The French left, the Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste, PS) reached a poor 14% of the votes, while the right (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, UMP) scored 21%; the most striking performance however was […]

Stop the Traffik! People shouldn’t be bought and sold

24 February 2014

At school, we are taught about the slave trade in history books – Men, women and children sold and bought by other human beings. They were chained, exploited, beaten and killed, all legally. In most countries, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, slavery was abolished and became a criminal offence. However, slavery is not over. People are […]

eCall: Saves time to save lives, what is taking so long?

6 November 2013

eCall, the EU-wide in-vehicle emergency call system, is able to contact the European emergency services number (112) directly from a vehicle in the event of a serious road accident, from anywhere in Europe. All new vehicles should be equipped with the in-vehicle system from October 2015 onwards. On 5th November, the draft reports and opinions on […]

European Mobility Week in Brussels – “In town without my car”, yes, but please not just once a year!

4 October 2013

This picture is not a fake: Sunday 22nd September marked the climax of European Mobility Week (16-22 September) in Brussels – a car free day. I have not been living in the Belgian capital city for long but the contrast was startling; the congested streets were replaced by cyclists, pedestrians and public transport. Authorised vehicles […]

EP Vote on ILUC Proposal, the (Long) Road to Sustainable Biofuels

20 September 2013

On the 11th September 2013, the European parliament adopted its position on the so-called iLUC proposal (Indirect Land-Use Change). This legislation aims at ensuring that unintended consequences on the environment connected with the growing biofuels market are taken into consideration. The Commission has committed itself to cut greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and for this purpose, promotes the […]

Commission Expert Groups: Behind closed doors and under the carpet

14 July 2013

To continue the debate started by Andrea on transparency, I would like to draw your attention to Commission experts groups. They don’t ring a bell? That’s to be expected; they have been staying in the shadows of revolving doors and lobbying scandals. This article aims to shed light on the Commission expert groups which are […]

Who is this mysterious Neven Mimica, the first Croatian Commissioner?

27 May 2013

On the 25th of April, Neven Mimica was named by Croatia as the 28th EU Commissioner of the European Commission. President Barosso expressed his agreement; that he was “happy” about the designation of “an experienced and committed European able to make an important contribution to the work of the European Commission”. This expected nomination coincides with the accession […]

Fifty Shades of Brussels or the story of a non best-seller

17 April 2013

Review of “Intimate Brussels, living among Eurocrats”, from Martin Leidenfrost (2010) I bought the book at the press shop next to the Justus Lipsius building, defying the grey and humid weather which was making the bumpy Bruxellois pavement more slippery than in your worst nightmare. When a friend saw the book, he exclaimed,  “it seems like […]

Same Sex Marriage and Adoption Rights in France

3 April 2013

Massive protest in Paris, opponents’ last attempt before final vote France, Sunday 24.03.2013. Families marching in the streets of Paris. The collective “la Manif pour tous”* demonstrated before the legislative proposal on same sex marriages was to be examined by the Sénat (France’s upper chamber) in a plenary session on the 4th of April. The […]

Multi-annual financial framework negotiations, the EP resists and prepares for a fight!

18 March 2013

We are now entering the final stage of the MFF 2014-2020 negotiations. The long-term budget, which determines EU expenditure for the next seven years, broken down by policy area, may be adopted by the end of this year if the European Parliament gives its consent to the Council’s position. The process started in 2011 and […]

The European Citizens’ Initiative; A Laborious Start

25 February 2013

Yesterday (10 February 2013), the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘Water is a Human Right’ succeeded in collecting 1 million signatures of EU citizens. It is the first of the 15 open ECIs to reach the required amount of signatures. The ECI has been created by the Lisbon Treaty* to enhance participatory and direct democracy, addressing […]