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Olesia Ogryzko

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Olesia is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

You may call it a man-made disaster, or the best creation of humanity. You might want to destroy it, or award it with the Nobel Peace Prize. Tastes on the EU differ, but what does not is the strong interest for it. At least in this blog. What is mine?

I, myself, am a “Euro-traveler”. I took up this profession and full-time job when I was 6 months old. Back then, this Ukrainian baby was already a convinced ardent Europhile wanting to discover the European family of nations – the civilization my country naturally belongs to.

Hence, having spent half of my life in various EU countries, and the other half in a non-EU state, I try to highlight topics on this blog from a combined perspective. Along with International Relations and European Public Affairs, which I have as my educational background, my interests also encompass energy, geopolitics and democracy promotion.

Feel free to criticize, compliment or simply contact me in Ukrainian, German, English, Russian, Spanish or Dutch at *protected email*.

Articles by Olesia:

Ukraine’s Humanitarian Crisis: Psychosocial Dimension

16 September 2015

This piece is part of a series of articles about Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis triggered by the on-going war with Russia-backed rebels in the East of the country. In countries like Ukraine – where the population has not experienced war for many years and suddenly finds itself in the midst of bloodshed – when people talk […]

EU-Ukraine: Ratification vs. Implementation

17 September 2014

Yesterday the Ukrainian and European parliaments simultaneously ratified the landmark Association Agreement: 355 and 535 votes respectively. A synchronous signing session followed thereafter. As European Parliament rapporteur Jacek Saryusz-Wolski from the EPP said yesterday: “Through this ratification, Ukraine’s European choice will be institutionalised and will bind the futures of the EU and Ukraine together. Ukrainian […]

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – Part 3

27 June 2014

Together with the appointment of the new leadership in the EU, high on the political agenda of the two-day EU summit (26-27th June) is Ukraine. A buzzword that stands  in the international media environment for many things currently: sanctions on Russia,  European security architecture, unprecedented civil society uprisings, EU energy diversification projects, Russia-sponsored terrorism and […]

Russian Bear: the test for Europe’s adequacy

25 June 2014

“Let us divide Ukraine between Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. It is never too late to correct historical mistakes”. This statement belongs to the odious and scandalous Russian politician Vladimir Zhyrinovskiy. You might also know him from his previous “masterpieces” stating that Ukraine is not a country, rather a fake geopolitical space. Many people do […]

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – Part 2

23 April 2014

As already discussed in the first part of this article, the Association Agreement is a crucial milestone of Ukraine’s further development – both internally and externally. It has the potential to determine this country’s geopolitical and prospective civilizational future for the next few decades. Ukraine, together with the EU, have jointly put much effort and […]

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – Part 1

11 April 2014

Although the Euromaidan is now mostly being seen as a movement for a complete re-set of the socio-political system of Ukraine, it is, however, undeniable that it initially kicked-off as a pro-EU uprising. At the centre of the attention back then was the Association Agreement – a pile of unsigned documents which drove thousands of peaceful demonstrators to […]

UKRAINE: The won battle and the coming war

25 February 2014

The long-awaited prefix “Ex” in front of the title President has finally become reality. Ukraine has been released from its wanna-be-dictator Yanukovych. Do not get overexcited, this does not mean anything yet. Here is a short story of what happened and what this means now.

Ukraine, Euromaidan


19 February 2014

Branded extremists, radicals, criminals and foreign agents. This is how Ukraine’s bandits in power (or the so-called government) see protesters of Euromaidan. Hundreds of thousands of open-minded and freedom-seeking demonstrators, for whom dignity, human rights and liberty are not just plain words, are apparently terrorists. At least, this is how yesterday’s horrifying developments, claiming at […]


10 January 2014

50 days is a lot. For a firefly, for instance, it is its entire life span. For Euromaidan (a new little country in the centre of Kyiv – and de facto 29th member of the EU) yesterday marked its 50 day anniversary. 50 days is enough to make history. History that influences not only Ukraine, but […]

EU’s single energy market: two sides of the coin

9 December 2013

As already highlighted in a previous article dealing with the internal energy market in the EU, the European Commission has announced a list of 248 energy projects of common interests, which have been presented during the conference “Completing the Internal Energy Market: Building an Integrated European Energy Network”. We have previously discussed the various perspectives on […]


22 November 2013

Coincidence or not, but the 21st of November is again the beginning of a new revolution in Ukraine. You remember, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians all covered in orange standing on the central square of Kyiv and other cities? Yes, back in 2004, exactly on the 21st of November. On that day, people started gathering […]

Approaching the EU internal energy market

15 November 2013

For those of you following the recent geopolitical developments in and around Europe, the city Vilnius – Lithuania’s capital – might recall only one association – the long awaited EU’s Eastern Partnership summit there, an event reported to be a turning point for a substantial part of Eurasia. However, apart from strongly supporting EU’s Eastern […]

Syria’s crisis: a litmus paper for the EU

9 October 2013

After the chemical weapons disaster in August, Syria is once again at the forefront of international news, leading to a new wave of discussions. Obama’s decision towards Syria, the recent UN resolution, Russia’s diplomacy and a new-old crisis in one of the most turbulent regions of the world – all of which provokes heated debate […]


Putin politics, or How Big Brother is watching you!

18 September 2013

The Bible tells us to love our neighbours, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people.   -G.K. Chesterton Hostile or not, neighbour relations are not the easiest. Especially if the neighbour knows it better: knows the what, when and where for you. So does Russia now. Big Brother […]

Croatia: the “Eurotaste”

4 July 2013

Exactly a decade ago I happened to visit Croatia for the first time. Blessed with magnificent nature, picturesque landscapes and breathtaking sea panoramas, this country truly amazed me and left a definite positive aftertaste. No, not aftertaste, rather a “Eurotaste” – I left with the impression of having been in a truly European country, with […]

5th May – Easter is coming!

3 May 2013

Judging by the heading of this article, you might probably think that it is slightly belated or irrelevant. Or you simply have already found all the Easter eggs hidden in your garden and eaten up the huge variety of chocolate products available for Easter. Not so fast friends! There is more to celebrate (or at […]

Russia VS. EU Common Energy Policy

9 April 2013

From the very beginning of the European Union (European Communities) the main incentive for states involved in the integration progress was the conviction that cooperation would bring them more benefits than the actions taken on their own. Even in such controversial and extremely important matters like foreign policy, security and a monetary union, a “single […]

EU-Ukraine Summit: empty words or a step forward?

8 March 2013

A couple of days ago – on the 25th February 2013– Ukraine was once again at the heart of Brussels dialogue. Another incident with Missis Tymoshenko, or a gas crisis with Russia you might think? No, it was simply the 16th EU-Ukraine summit. Simple or not, let’s reflect on who said what and why?