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Natasha Marie Levanti

Natasha Marie Levanti

About Natasha Marie

Natasha is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

I have a great passion for all aspects of European policy and politics. As a Sicilian raised in the U.S., I tend to see things in Europe with a different 'twist'. My bachelor studies took place at University of Richmond, receiving a degree in Leadership Studies and International Studies, with a concentration on Political Leadership.

Highly influential on my life and passions was living in Denmark. After living and studying there, I spent two years researching, defining and refining political leadership tactics of Danish Parliamentarians.

This is what led me to a Masters in European Public Affairs from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Since then, I have strived to challenge myself through taking on a variety of policy, public affairs and strategic communications roles.

Currently I work with strategic communication in London, whilst holding my role as Editor at EPA, serving as a Policy Director for a citizens advocacy group as well as contributing to grassroots campaigns to increase public policy knowledge and increase political understanding.

Whenever you read my posts, feel free to contact me for questions or comments, preferably in English, Danish, or French.

Please feel free to email me at natashalevanti [@] europeanpublicaffairs.eu or tweet me at @NatashaLevanti

Articles by Natasha Marie:

Vote on Fact NOT Spin

22 June 2016

Be an Informed Voter: For your children and your children’s children As a European happily living and working in London, the EU Referendum debate has been rife with controversies, grotesque lies to the public and a stirring up of hate filled sentiments that have already claimed the life of one member of UK parliament fulfilling […]

EPA Holiday Wishes

23 December 2015

For many in our team at EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu (EPA), 2015 has flown by, and likely has for many of our readers as well. Yet the time for annual reflection is upon us, and looking back at 2015 there have been some major landmarks for EPA, all of which were driven by our readers, who inspire us […]

EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu is recruiting

30 September 2015

As many of our readers know, EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu (EPA) is a website for specialised political commentary in the area of European politics, policy, and strategically related developments with over 4300 followers on twitter, 2000+ likes on Facebook, and an average of 500 website hits per day. Since its inception in 2013 when created by fellow master students at Maastricht University – in one of the […]

Could EU efforts to build capital markets hurt SMEs?

31 August 2015

Few in leadership positions truly understand and advocate for the unique challenges that face SMEs. With large corporations having the resources to advocate their views and ensure they are not impacted by upcoming policies, SMEs do not have these resources, nor do they regularly have the time to be up to date on levels of […]

Can SYRIZA save the EU?

23 January 2015

The result of the coming elections constitutes a milestone for Greek politics, since it will be the first time since the end of the Second World War that the radical left in the country ever had such a popular appeal. Secondly, these elections officially entombed a forty-year period in Greek politics, since the end of […]

Swiss Solar Wonder Set to Circumnavigate the World

13 October 2014

Years ago, a child looked in wonder as a bi-wing plane roared to life, and took off into the clear blue sky; its pilot was an adventurous hero of the sky, inspiring awe from children as he whizzed by in a puff of wonder… and some exhaust fumes. The allure of aviation has transcended human […]

Resisting Complacency – EU Citizens in UK Strive to Fix European Election Voting Problems

16 July 2014

Prior to the European elections this past May, the alarm had been raised that the voter registration procedures throughout the European Union were convoluted, difficult to navigate for those trained, and the sheer number clouded most organisations from providing aid to citizens. While the EU stresses democratic legitimacy of voting, and encourages mobility amongst citizens, […]

TTIP – Post Election, Bureaucratic, & Information Access Hurdles

7 July 2014

As the new parliamentarians, and Juncker settle into their new roles whilst the Commission is reconfigured, our minds previously taken up by election details are turning back to the issues we may have put on hold, including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The sixth round of intense discussions will occur this month, but are […]

Greek Defence Corruption

19 May 2014

In 1996, Greece was involved in a skirmish with Turkey over a set of islets. With their Defence Ministry awoken to the ‘potential need’ for better resources when faced with a foe, Greece commenced a wide-ranging purchasing spree for its defence and security efforts. Manufacturers and service providers from the sector across the world all […]

European Elections

You want to vote, but can you??

2 May 2014

As an EU citizen, it is considered a civil duty to cast a ballot for the continuation of our democratic process. Due to the multilevel governance structure, this civil duty exists not only at the national level but also at the European level. In Europe, citizens are “directly represented at the Union level in the […]

European Citizens Initiative – The Cinderella of Citizen Government Relations

16 April 2014

Naturally, we strive for the ideal, the utopia, the fairy tale. The European Citizens Initiative, in its ideal essence, is a wonderful tool to funnel the voices of citizens to politicians who serve them at the European level. Many spin it as proof that the European Union is striving to be as close to citizens’ […]

cloud computing

Walking on Air – the Dangers of Cloud Computing

7 April 2014

We have all heard about data security breaches, and not just from the NSA, but from the computer whiz down the street, or the mischievous criminal with ample technological know-how. Recently in Europe there have been significant efforts to improve data protection and privacy of individuals while utilizing technology. I, personally, will always contend that […]


Citizens & the Ivory Tower; the Need for Political Leaders to Build a Staircase

19 March 2014

A respectable man stands at the base of a tower, shouting up to who knows where. ‘Can you hear me up there? My water is contaminated.’ Eventually after days of standing and shouting to no avail, a letter floats down, ‘Message received: Your wife is constipated. There is nothing I can do to help you.’ […]

Familial Balancing Act of Social Benefits

28 February 2014

Life is, most assuredly, unpredictable. It is something that neither the citizen nor the government can always account for. Sitting with several Europeans, we were discussing every economist’s eternal contemplation – government welfare – the ultimate attempt to account for the predictable as well as the unpredictable needs of society. In these hard economic times, […]

Changes in 2014 for European SMEs

22 January 2014

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are, to put it mildly, the heart and soul of the European economic environment. SMEs commonly criticise EU policy regarding transparency of aid available and the amount of bureaucratic red tape which exists. While the 2014 changes regarding policies affecting SMEs are predicted to ease the process in the long-term, […]

Equal Voting Rights For All European Citizens

17 January 2014

Responsible citizenship is a concept resounding throughout the ages. It is widely acknowledged that participating in a vote is the pinnacle essence of living in a democracy. It is what people have fought, and are still fighting for all around the world. After years of fighting for this right, and blood being spilt fighting for […]

Happy Holidays from the EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu Team

21 December 2013

At this festive time of the year, our team cannot help but reflect upon what 2013 has meant for us. We are truly humbled by the growing readership, and the various discussions inspired by our articles. To be able to engage readers in and increase awareness of hot topics in European public affairs is, in […]

Is that a Strawberry?

21 November 2013

The term ‘Genetically Modified’ often brings to mind negative images: a three eyed bird pecking at some corn; a grape whose juice is 100% chemicals; a strawberry version of the Hulk. With such radical images conjuring GMOs as unnatural, many people put GMOs into the ‘avoid at all costs’ category, and therefore it is not […]

Nobody knows a SME better than a SME

11 November 2013

The Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, or CIP, has had the largest impact upon the functioning of European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), since they were officially defined in 2003 through a Commission recommendation. Active from 2007 to 2013, the CIP should be recognized as an important step for the European Union’s approach on aiding […]

A Byte of EU Data Protection

30 October 2013

In the age of internet, no longer is it necessary to follow someone’s paper trail, for if one has the digital know-how, the quantity of data that can be obtained is, quite simply, shocking. The world is at your fingertips. Admittedly, we have become fairly reliant upon technology and for the most part it does […]

Government Shutdown Halts TTIP

7 October 2013

After the end of a relatively productive negotiating period in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) last July, those at the heart of the negotiations have been excitedly preparing for the recommencement of talks set to occur in Brussels this month. A factor many of us had not anticipated was that the disagreement between […]

To Be, Or Not To Be? – Norway’s Regional Involvement

23 September 2013

Norway, home to roughly 5 million people, is often thought to be isolated from the European Union. As a colleague said to me as I sat reading about the recent Norwegian elections, “Why bother? Norway will never join the EU, with their oil they don’t need to bother with the rest of us.” This casual […]

The Transatlantic Journey – TTIP & Cautious Optimism

2 September 2013

Transatlantic economic cooperation has been something on the minds of those on both sides of the Atlantic before the recent economic woes. For instance, the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) was formed in 2007 to deal with increasing regulatory cooperation, as well as aid in addressing non-tariff barriers to transatlantic trade. With the economic situations in […]

Make the impossible, possible; Solar Impulse and the new frontier for aviation

24 July 2013

Soaring through the sky, using not a single speck of conventional fuel, Solar Impulse achieved its fourth world record in July as it successful flew from coast to coast across America. With the weight of a car and the wingspan of a 747, Solar Impulse, as stated by Bertrand Piccard, “was not built to carry […]

Mingling across the Transatlantic Divide

8 July 2013

All day, every day, I interact with a mixture of Europeans and Americans. There is a consistent flow of new cultural insights, languages buzzing in the corners, and a desire to connect to the ‘others’. The transatlantic relationship is, undeniably, incredibly important to all European and American citizens. Yet most people feel that, despite the […]

Three Danish Social Democrats & the European Union: Jacob Buksti, Mogens Lykketoft, & Dan Jørgensen

12 June 2013

With my background, I have been focusing on the sentiments in Denmark about the EU, from the point of view of the politicians themselves. First, I talked to Morten Messerschmidt, a member of the Danish People’s Party representing Denmark at the European Parliament. Second, I talked to Anne Baastrup and Pernille Frahm, both members of the Socialist People’s […]

How Europe Deals With a Bear

22 April 2013

Why is any nation-state a member of the European Union? And when one is a member of the European Union, what are the sentiments of the people through the eyes of the national politicians? This article is specifically concerned with the opinions of two Danish politicians regarding the European Union. It is a follow-up to my […]

Denmark in the European Union: A Chat with MEP Morten Messerschmidt

22 March 2013

Given my experience with Danish politics, I always find it interesting to hear different perspectives on Denmark’s involvement in the European Union. I have spoken to many current and former national parliamentarians on the issue (I will address these views in an article shortly), but never a member of the European Parliament who is from […]

Americans interested in EPA??

25 February 2013

Both in the United States and in Europe, I constantly get asked why an American should have any interest in the European Union or Europe in general besides just as a vacation destination. Why on earth would an American study European Public Affairs? While many of my American friends at University have decided to specialize […]