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Natàlia Segura

Natàlia Segura

About Natàlia

Passionate about international relations, media and TV, I am a journalist from Barcelona specialized in European foreign affairs. After completing my BA in Journalism from Pompey Fabra University, an exchange semester in Boston and several works in media, I decided to specialize in EU External Action with a MA at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Previously an EU funding consultant for several sectors, especially media, I am currently working in communications and I enjoy keeping track of EU politics and writing about foreign, security and defense policy issues, among others.

Articles by Natàlia:

EU Women’s empowerment policy: In money we trust?

8 March 2017

Gender equality intruded EU jargon in the past years.  Inequality between men and women started to be perceived as a form of discrimination touching many aspects of our lives (work, social position, relationships, education, politics, media, etc.), so gender mainstreaming infiltrated in many EU policies. For instance, the “Strategic engagement for gender equality 2016-19” was […]

Frontex’s new mandate, a controversial EU approach to the refugee crisis

26 October 2016

Only five years ago, barely anyone in Europe (outside the EU bubble) had ever heard of Frontex. Today, this young agency has captured media and civil society attention as it has become a relevant actor in the worst migration crisis the continent faces since World War II. With a recently approved new mandate and additional […]

A new EU Security Strategy: towards a militarised Europe?

16 August 2016

“Europe has never been so prosperous, so secure nor so free”. It was 2003 and those were the words introducing the self-congratulatory EU Security Strategy that set the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) guidelines for the next 13 years. The former High Representative (HR), Javier Solana, drafted it to tackle indirect and external threats, […]