Bursting the Bubble

Máté Csicsai

Máté Csicsai

About Máté

Taken the impact it has on our everyday life, there is a striking lack of public awareness of EU-level law-making and politics. That is why I fully share EPA’s motto: “Bursting the bubble”. For what it’s worth, I consider a less inward-looking, sexier, more transparent, and better understood European Union something to strive for.

Since finishing my BA and MA studies in International Relation in my home country of Hungary – with brief but inspiring stints in Norway and Spain – I have been working part-time as a freelance journalist in Hungarian print and online media. For the past two years, I have been living in Brussels: first experiencing EU decision-making first-hand as a trainee in the European Parliament, and since then as a consultant in EU affairs. Besides my interest in the nuances of policy and the dynamics of politics, I have a passion for quality coffee, exploring new places, almost any kinds of sport, and good laughs.

Please feel free to share your opinion with me on any of these topics at *protected email* or tweet me @MateCsicsai .

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