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Kathrin Ludwig

Kathrin Ludwig

About Kathrin

Kathrin is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

Since my early childhood I have had a great passion for public health and healthcare. Instead of fulfilling my little girl’s dream of becoming a doctor, I have chosen to leave my hometown for a long journey to discover the world of EU health policies. Having worked as a doctor’s assistant for six years in Germany, having studied European public health and European public affairs in the Netherlands as well as in the UK, and having worked as an EU Policy & Liaison Officer for a health NGO in Austria were only a few stop overs on my way to becoming a consultant in health policy in the EU capital. However, I suppose that this yet another stop-over in my career.

Besides my professional passion for public health, I am happy to be one of the 500mio European citizens having been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. I need my daily decent dose of coffee throughout the day and cannot survive without my smartphone or social media apps.

My greatest wish is to contribute to the development of a European Union where generations to come feel more European rather than as nationals of their country of origin.

Feel free to contact me at *protected email* / Follow me on Twitter: @KathrinLudwig

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