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Juan Antonio Pavon Losada

Juan Antonio Pavon Losada

About Juan Antonio

Juan is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

"It has been a beautiful fight. Still is” Charles Bukowski

I was born in Seville, Andalusia in 1983. Social scientist, as endured and trained in the ground zero of all crisis, Southern Europe. I enrolled into the EU Public Affairs adventure running away from the economic and social desertification of the European periphery. As an International Policy Officer I assisted at the European Commission, DG EMPL Unit on External Relations. In this position, I helped to support the Commission’s input for the 103th International Labour Conference which occurred in June 2013 and Chair EU MS discussions on the ILC2013. Also formerly a researcher on political responsiveness at Maastricht University. Nowadays, I am on the management board of this digital platform on EU intelligence, as well as analyst and writer. I am part of the outreach team, in addition to external collaborations with Fundación Alternativas, ITUC magazine EqualTimes.org and El Pais.

It is my great pleasure to bring the street level perspective to the forefront of the EU discussions and hot topics. I will focus on the domains of Social, Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Human Rights, specially dealing with EU Employment and Social Policy issues.

If you want to share any questions, concerns, complaints, outburst, threat, lament, praise, , brilliant idea or simply just a irresistble job offer, please feel free to contact me at *protected email*

Articles by Juan Antonio:

Gone with Schengen

25 April 2016

Undoubtedly, 2015 has been the refugees’ year in Europe. According to the UNHCR, around 1,006, 768 immigrants have arrived in the European Union fleeing from war and poverty across the Mediterranean Sea. In absolute terms this figure represents half of Turkey’s burden, and proportionally, a shameful comparison with counties as buoyant as Lebanon. However, this […]

Refugee crisis in Europe: an unbiased explanation

9 October 2015

Despite the new measures of a military operation to catch migrant traffickers, involving European warships patrolling international waters in the Mediterranean, and increased dialogue with the Turkish government to support refugee resettlement and stabilise border security which has faced an influx of 2.2 million refugees over recent months. Migration and asylum policy and is still […]

Grexit for dummies: Wildfire and Pyromaniacs

1 July 2015

The wildfire The Greek folk, after the ECB’s refusal to pump up more money into the Greek economy until the payment of the debt issue is addressed, ran to the ATMs attempting to ‘save’ their savings. Previously the Greek President, Alexis Tsipras, was forced to decree a limitation on the outflow of capital to prevent […]

Local and Regional Elections in Spain 2015: Now, closer than ever to Europe.

29 May 2015

After the last local and regional elections it seems obvious that a new political era is starting in Spain. After almost 30 years since its annexation to the EU, Spain is beginning to achieve real progress towards a genuine integration within the European community and provide itself with the tools to compete on an equal footing. […]

65th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration: Retirement time!

11 May 2015

Five days after Star Wars celebrated their World Day – May the Fourth be with you – the “fandom” of the European Union celebrated the 65th anniversary of one of its greatest symbols: The sexagenarian Schuman declaration. On May 9, 1950, the French foreign minister Robert Schuman (alongside Jean Monnet) proposed a plan to pool […]

15 days after the ebola crisis – manual on how austerity made a country celebrate having malaria

27 October 2014

Drawing upon the recent discovery of the first case of Ebola in Europe via the nurse Teresa Romero – who was in contact with the two Ebola-infected missionaries brought back to Spain to receive healthcare – it is time to review the causes behind one of the biggest public health crises of our times. Phase 1) […]

A (mis)guide on CSR and Trade Agreement application in the Cambodian garment industry

29 September 2014

Workers claims for a fair living wage. CCHR President Ou Virak commented on January that “While many of the political demonstrations which have taken place over the last few months have been met with restraint from the security forces, there is an increasingly clear link between the excessive use of force by security forces and […]

European Commission Takeover Analysis. DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion: You were the Chosen One but…

2 July 2014

“You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!“ ―Obi-Wan Kenobi, to the fallen Anakin Skywalker After one of the most hectic and crucial times in terms of economic and employment policy in the recent history of […]

EP Elections 2014 – A Narrow Path Against Austerity, A Dangerous Misstep Towards…

26 May 2014

Simply, the European elections have left a post-apocalyptic scenario. Austerity policies have left a new weaker Europe, in which the intergovernmental character will rise significantly. In this scenario, although the main political power houses remain in power they will need a pact in order to maintain a solid core of power at the new Commission […]

EP elections in Spain: Bi-partisanship, the love story that destroyed the world

14 May 2014

The two big political families know that they are facing hard times. Despite the traditionally strong national character that EP elections of the past have had in Spain, the lack of a strong political discourse – besides the useless thrusts they throw to each other everyday – has made the mainstream parties EP campaigns cast […]

An EU minimum income directive – Placebo or the ultimate chance to save an terminally ill EU social model?

9 April 2014

Doctor, the patient looks really bad, it looks blue and yellow. Is there anything we can still do to save it? Symptoms, treatment side effects and alternative grandma’s medication: Democracy is seriously threatened by a politics-business symbiotic virus. After the homeopathic medicine of bailouts, states have impoverished themselves to sustain banks. With such a depletion […]

Why a Madiba dies everyday trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea

29 January 2014

As my dearest colleague Silvia Curbelo stated in a previous article, debates on EU migration have been catapulted to the front of the policy spectrum by the hand of the EU Greek council presidency, calling for a unified asylum system and a more coordinated management of border controls. However, the situation is far from reaching […]

Voice Of The Voiceless – Open Letter To Our Distinguished Readers

23 January 2014

We are about to celebrate our first birthday next month. As such, we are proud to be in the position to announce an early birthday present, in the form of being shortlisted for the DODs European Public Affairs awards for the category of Digital and Social Media champion of the year! It is time to […]

Banking: Extended Social Responsibility – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

15 October 2013

During my well-deserved holidays, in the sunny beaches of my beloved Andalucia, I fell into a lull and – influenced by the temperatures, the smell of the sea, and attractive young ladies in summer dresses surrounding me – had some sort of weird delightful dream of a better and fairer world – better from my […]

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, A Pact With The Devil

9 September 2013

In times of crisis, eccentric friends are made. And in order to survive, one may rely and do business with people who normally would not be our preference, regardless their flavour. As it has been announced, the USA and the European Union are undergoing negotiations on a free trade agreement which is predicted to be […]

The Ghost of Christmas Future

26 June 2013

The world of work is working. Workers, employers and governmental representatives are discussing the future of the International Labour scene in a UN-based forum. This year, as any other, they are discussing key issues for our future: Employment and Social Protection for the new demographic; Sustainable Development, decent work and Green Jobs; and Social Dialogue. […]

Today in Euronews: Gremlins 3! Cyprus trip!

20 March 2013

Again, the Gremlins have escaped. This time they went to Cyprus – after a long winter it is always nice to get some fresh air – they have stolen suits, snaked on board airplanes and broken into offices. They are causing panic amongst EU citizens. It is true that Cyprus’s economy needs reform and they […]

The Fantastic and Magnificent Magic Comedy Show of the Spanish Government

8 March 2013

I am very happy to be able to share my views, thoughts and feelings on what is occurring within the European Union and the Spanish policy making sphere through this blog. In this article, my first for European Public Affairs, I have to satisfy a personal need. I need to eliminate the rage, impotence and […]