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Jorge Vanstreels

Jorge Vanstreels

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Jorge Vanstreels covers the Middle East, International Law, and European Union foreign policy for a variety of publications, including Modern Diplomacy. He travels widely, and currently his research focuses on the Jihadist threat in Europe and in the Arab world; another major focus is the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, which he has followed for years. Jorge Vanstreels is currently pursuing a Law degree at the University of Antwerp, while also being president of the Young Christian Democrats in his home city.

For his take on the latest, go to Middle-EastInsight.com, or follow on twitter @JorgeVS.

Articles by Jorge:

‘One In, One Out’ Deal Enters Uncharted Territory

23 March 2016

While a cold and tense Brussels was in the grip of Abdesallam’s arrest, on the other side of town, the European leaders were finalising their agreement with Turkey.┬áIt had been a tough two days, with Turkey’s Prime Minister Davutoglu arriving under intense pressure to make a deal. And while the summit had been ongoing, President […]

With Commission Silent, Border Starts to Crack

2 March 2016

Ground reports from the Greek-Macedonian border at Idomeni indicate a worsening situation whose ripple effects will start to be felt in the coming days throughout Europe. Although the current situation at the Macedonian border remains vague, activist and media contacts paint a picture of an increasing swell of refugees numbering in the thousands left to […]

Turkey In: The Storm’s Eye

1 February 2016

A chorus of international condemnation is growing around Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian state. Yet, the EU finds that the country remains on track to join the union. A closer look reveals the slow meltdown of this candidate member and its hidden fatal flaws threatening the EU itself.

U.K. Out / Turkey In: the EU’s Next Storms

25 January 2016

If the recent EU series of near-disasters has left you searching for some respite, think again: there are two threats ahead that could well transform into a systemic crisis. Indeed, after the near-collapse of the EU-bond market, the high drama of Grexit, and the mass refugee tragedy, the worst might be yet to come. The […]

After Paris, Europe Finds Itself At a Crossroad

20 November 2015

While the fog of terrorist war clears, facts and a narrative will emerge in the days ahead, shedding light on how the terrorists planned and executed their crimes. The wider policy implications of the Paris attacks for Europe as a whole will take considerably more time to become visible. The short-term lends itself as easier […]