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Jonáš Jančařík

Jonáš Jančařík

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Jonas is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

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Net Neutrality in the EU: The devil is in the loopholes

5 February 2014

The term net neutrality was coined by Tim Wu, a Columbia Law School professor, in his 2005 paper ‘Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination’. It is the notion that all data flowing over the internet should be treated the same way, no matter what source they come from, what kind of information they transmit and who is […]

The new Czech government: changing the course on EU policy

31 January 2014

On Wednesday 28 January, the new Czech government was officially sworn in. It had not been a short wait – 95 days since the elections and 169 days since the previous (caretaker) government lost a vote of confidence are both record time-frames for the country. The new government is the first one led by the Czech Social […]

Czech Civil Service Reform: How to Trick the EU

24 June 2013

While Germany, the Netherlands and other countries seem close to stalling the accession process of Turkey once again due to the doubtful rule of law in the country, it might be interesting to think about how EU Member States themselves observe the Copenhagen criteria. In recent years, there have been doubts about developments in Hungary and Romania, to name a few, but there are also some less visible issues than freedom of press, or high-level power struggles, which can have severe consequences.