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Jimmy Los

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Jimmy is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

I am, first of all, a man of convictions. As Belgian, and as European, I do believe in their respective mottos, 'Strength through Unity' and 'United in Diversity'. With this, I believe that a strong future for the European continent ultimately lies in the success of the European Union's project, with all the imperfections it implies, and the improvements it urgently needs. At the same time, I am literally burning with curiousity, dedicating my free time to reading about diverse fields such as Political Economy, Constitutional Law, Environmental Politics, Foreign Policy, International Relations and History, or Decision-Making Governance. I will probably write for this blog within those fields of interest. Not surprisingly, my path reflects both the European and multi-disciplinary dimensions. After a Bachelor in Politics obtained at the University of Namur, I spent a year learning about Comparative and International Politics at the KU Leuven, before obtaining my Master degree in European Public Affairs at Maastricht University.

To contact me please use *protected email*.

Articles by Jimmy:

Preparing the World Humanitarian Day: Presentation of a timely initiative

7 September 2015

The ongoing refugee crisis within the European Union has become the “burning issue” of the year. Displayed on every front-page, this critical situation and the ill-fated fallout – with its latest reminder being the tragic story of the little Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach of Bodrum – seems to have finally mobilised public opinion across […]

Europe Day – A day for a genuine European vision

8 May 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, mark your calendar because on 9 May it is Europe Day! You may not have known and wondered why such an event exists? Let me then briefly introduce you to some of the many reasons there are for celebrating Europe Day. Why not? First of all, why not? On the 9 May […]

First the European Union now the European Court of Human Right: A new target of British ‘Sovereignism Creep’

21 October 2014

In a move to reach out to UKIP voters and its own backbenchers, the UK Conservative Party has announced its will to adopt its own British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities and transform the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) into an advisory body, a plan which is likely to lead to the UK’s withdrawal […]

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How the UK and Scotland could pave the way for the EU: the West Lothian Question at the European level

24 September 2014

Beyond its expected impact on other European separatists movements, last week’s referendum in Scotland and its “No” victory did shift the debate from the issue of a newly independent Scottish state to the details of a new move towards a deepened devolution of powers from the Westminster Parliament to the Edinburgh one. However, the British […]

#EP2014 and #BE2505: A short guide dedicated to the expatriates living in Belgium

23 May 2014

Being Belgian while living and/or working in Brussels inside the European microcosm can be sometimes quite challenging. Although you do not have to go through the same hurdles as all your expat friends whose situation of being foreign makes it more difficult when dealing with administrative matters, the challenge resides actually in your newly acquired […]


Europe Day: the Future of Europe Starts in Your Living Room

9 May 2014

Europe day? What Europe day? Last year, when asked about the 9th of May and why this day is a special one, the vast majority of Europeans would have had no clue what you were talking about. Unless you were in Eastern Europe, where they would have likely associated it with the Victory Day commemorating […]

Any Questions…? #7

2 April 2014

A Selection of the best questions MEPs asked EU institutions on your behalf. As the not-so-wintery days turn into warm weeks, weeks into even warmer months, and the air is finally filled with the promise of summer, the population of Brussels takes full advantage of the sunny spells. Suddenly, every waffle van is accompanied by […]

A Review of the European Neighbourhood Policy: 2014 Edition

28 March 2014

Yesterday, Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy/Commission Vice-President and Štefan Füle, EU Commissioner for Enlargement & Neighbourhood Policy presented together the latest update on the European Union’s relations with its Neighbouring countries, the so-called “European Neighbourhood Policy Annual Package”. This package is composed of a Communication entitled, “Neighbourhood at the […]

Clash of the Titans: European Council vs. European Parliament and their fight for the next Commission President

26 February 2014

Over the years the European Parliament elections have increasingly become synonymous with “second order elections” where the brightest candidates do not always make it onto the ballot, and with “low turnout” caused by the citizens’ perception that the European Union is too complex, irrelevant to their interests and not very exciting. But this time… this […]

Any Questions…? #4

15 January 2014

A selection of the best questions MEPs asked EU institutions on your behalf.  The Christmas period is over and we are, once again, implicated in one of the biggest deception campaigns of all time – that yes, you too CAN lose without effort and with a smile on your face that stone and a half […]

Any questions…? #3

4 December 2013

A selection of the best questions MEPs asked EU institutions on your behalf. As was true for the previous two months, November did not disappoint and a number of interesting questions were asked on your behalf as European citizens by your representatives in the European Parliament. Some 714 questions were asked in fact during the […]

Baroness Catherine Ashton, High-Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

More power to the High Representative? A brilliant German idea, or just a “Querelle Byzantine”?

29 November 2013

For anyone familiar with the history of the European integration, it is hardly surprising that when Germany speaks the European Union tends to listen. Germany is the Member-State with the largest population in the Union – and thus enjoys the largest institutional weight in terms of votes in the Council and Members of the European […]

The Parliament strikes back: MEP questions to the EU bodies

2 October 2013

As recent Masters degree graduates who have just started their careers in Brussels, we still enjoy a rather down to earth, and some might say even a naive look at how things work in the capital of the EU. Taking this into consideration, we thought it would be useful to bring the EU closer to […]

Happy Europe Day (& May The Odds Be Always In Your Favour)!

10 May 2013

What a busy day the 9th of May is this year! First, celebrated across Europe, Victory Day, marking the capitulation of fascism in Germany in 1945. Secondly, due to a coincidence of this years calendar (yes Lesia, the Julian one), Ascension Day. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates this every 14th Thursday after Easter Monday, with this […]