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Farah Coppola

Farah Coppola

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Farah is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” This is the motto, by Les Brown, that I live by.

After completing my bachelor’s studies in The Hague, an exchange semester in Japan and working for a radio station as a presenter in Amsterdam; I decided that my future, success and happiness lies in the world of European Public Affairs. Today, I finally figured out what European Public Affairs are, and I believe that I made the right decision. As an ambitious, driven and open-minded person, I am very pleased to contribute to this awesome blog together with my fellow Masters students. Alongside my interest in EU affairs, I love to travel, explore new cultures and ask many questions. My next adventure will be in Brussels as an intern, where I will finally enter the Brussels Bubble, and I hope not to get lost.

Contact me in English, Dutch, French, or Italian at: *protected email*

Articles by Farah:

Economic coordination in the European Union

5 February 2015

On the 29th of January, The Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands organised an expert meeting on ‘Economic coordination in the European Union’. The meeting was organised in cooperation with the Clingendael Institute and &Maes. During this meeting, several experts discussed the successes and failures of the European Semester.

Panel discussion in The Netherlands on the right to be forgotten

28 January 2015

Last week in Amsterdam, a panel of experts discussed the right to be forgotten pertaining to the Google Spain v AEPD and Mario Costeja González case, hereinafter (Google v Gonzàlez). The participants in the debate were Mr. Egbert Dommering, a professor of law at the University of Amsterdam, Andreas Udo De Haes, a journalist and […]

New EU Guidelines on the Right to be Forgotten

11 December 2014

The Article 29 Working Party published new Guidelines on the Right to be Forgotten on 26 November 2014.  Earlier this year the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) ruled in the ‘Google case’. In this instance, the CJEU decided that EU data protection law already gives individuals the right to have relevant or outdated […]

The Netherlands’ open dialogue with Cuba

13 January 2014

Mr. Timmermans, who was on a visit to Cuba last week, said the best way to promote change on the Communist-run island is through dialogue, not isolation. As far as is known, this is the first Dutch foreign minister to visit since the 1959 revolution.  The EU restricts its political ties with the Cuban government […]

Malta: national identity for sale

18 November 2013

Malta has found a new plan to overcome the financial crisis. The small Mediterranean island will now sell Maltese citizenship for €650.000; aiming to attract big spenders and investors. The Maltese government hopes to sell 200 to 300 passports per year.  Prime Minister Joseph Muscat predicts it will bring in €30 million annually and therefore, help […]

De Klerk calls for more European involvement in Africa

4 November 2013

Africa presents Europe with economic opportunities and the EU needs to focus more attention on Africa.  That was the key message of Frederik Willem De Klerk, former South African president, during the 12th Europe Lecture on the 25th of October. I attended this lecture at the Cloister Church in The Hague, the Netherlands. Together with […]

EU Digital Economy Under Threat By New Data Protection Legislation

28 October 2013

The flow of digital information within and between companies is growing. Successful dissemination of digital technology is vital for Europe’s economic recovery, job growth and competitiveness. The new data driven economy will have a huge impact not only on the ICT industry, but also on the “traditional” sectors. The combined total digital data value amounts […]

EU takes action to fight cyber incidents

12 July 2013

In February, the Commission published the communication “a Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union”, together with a proposal for a Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS). The proposal has two objectives: (1) to create conditions for cooperation amongst the Member States and (2) to provide regulatory requirements for risk management. The directive would require […]

Welcome to Croatia, the European Union’s 28th member state!

1 July 2013

For Croatia, it is all over bar the fireworks. On the first of July, Croatia will join the European Union as the 28th Member State. In February 2003, Croatia applied for EU membership and it was granted the candidate status in June of 2004. The entry negotiation process was then opened in October 2005. These […]

Are gender quotas good or bad?

30 May 2013

True: It is important to get more women into top corporate positions. The question is whether this should be done by obliging companies to fulfil quotas. Are quotas good or bad? Across Europe, women are strongly under-represented on corporate boards. European Commission statistics show that in January 2012, women occupied on average just 13.7 % […]

Why do SMEs Hesitate to Step on the Cloud?

17 May 2013

The Cloud is everywhere. You can always access the Cloud, wherever you are. We should move all our data on the Cloud! At present, cloud computing may sound like something from Inception. But it looks like it is going to be the future for computer systems. For those who are not familiar with it, simply […]

The W for Willem!

30 April 2013

Finally, the big day in the Dutcherlands arrived! Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, 45, is set to become the country’s first king in more than a century when his mother, the current Queen Beatrix, abdicates after 30 years on the throne. Newspapers are filled with discussions on the most important topics: How are they preparing? What will […]

EU Enforcement Action Against Google

15 April 2013

Google is facing enforcement action and possibly fines in six EU member states for violating EU privacy law. The six countries are: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.K.

Data Protection: good for citizens but bad for business?

29 March 2013

The future for data protection in Europe has finally arrived in the form of an EU Data Protection Regulation. Taking the stage after being leaked onto the virtual world, the new law will modernise the EU Data Protection Directive of 1995 in the form of a directly applicable Regulation. The European Commission presented this proposal […]