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Emanuele Guicciardi

Emanuele Guicciardi

About Emanuele

Emanuele is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

I am originally from Rome, Italy. After a brief schooling experience in the United States, I moved to the Netherlands where I obtained my Bachelor and Master in EU-related studies at Maastricht University. My heart is left in Rome, while my mind and body wander around Northern Europe and the EU bubble. This is the core source for my bipolarity of interests. On the one hand EU affairs, policy and issues of any kind; from ethics of lobbying to free movement of people. On the other hand, Italian politics, Italian political and social culture and how these are impacted in the EU family.

I am currently in Brussels where I am working on economic affairs and political communications for one of the main pan-European political parties. Previously, I have gained experience in a major EU affairs consultancy, as well as in the European Commission's Directorate General for Competition.

My private passions comprise travelling, foreign languages (my latest passion is Portuguese), everything that is nerdy (numbers, statistics and so forth) and everything that is Berlin.

You can contact me at: *protected email* or interact with me on Twitter @E_Man_G

Articles by Emanuele:

#EP2014 Part 2: The Parties

22 May 2014

Full disclosure: The author of this article is currently working for the Party of European Socialists As of today, EU citizens will be heading to the polls to renew the European Parliament. For that reason, we are closing our short series on the elections with an overview of the main pan-European parties. Even though in […]

European Consumer Summit 2014: Boosting consumer rights in the digital era

4 April 2014

On 1 and 2 April, alongside the seemingly endless series of summits – including the EU-Africa Summit – which have been continually haunting the daily commute of Brusselers, the city also hosted a rather less pompous summit. This year’s edition of the European Consumer Summit, the first (and maybe last?) to be hosted under the […]

Italian Presidency Priorities: An Early Outlook

3 February 2014

When the Italian Minister for European Affairs, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, presented his annual review of Italy’s participation in EU matters earlier this year, he did so with a slight twist. In reference to the upcoming Italian presidency, he shed light on some of the priorities that Italy will engage in during its term due to […]

#EP2014: What happens with incomplete legislative files?

20 January 2014

Yes, indeed, you got it right: this is a piece on boring rules of procedure for the European institutions (the European Parliament, to be more precise). Why undergo such torture? Because I do feel that, with all the attention that is (rightfully) being devoted to the big changes coming up in May, we are a […]

San Marino: Thanks but no thanks, EU accession!

21 October 2013

For most of the citizens in this beautiful continent we call Europe, yesterday was a Sunday like many others. For 33,000 people, it was instead the day to cast a vote to determine their future within the EU. Yes, we are talking about the tiny Republic of San Marino. The citizens of the “serenissima” (most […]

A General Reflection on (The Wrong Perspective On) Animal Rights In The EU

13 May 2013

Last month, it happened to be that I transported my cat from Maastricht to Rome by car. To cut a long story short, since this was the first time I had undertaken such a trip, I decided to educate myself on how this is possible within the EU. That is when I thought “Well, we […]

Legitimacy In Lobbying: Interest Representation vs Own-Interest Representation

13 March 2013

About five weeks ago, I took part in a debate concerning the legitimacy and efficiency of lobbying in the EU. I had never really given this issue enormous ideological and ontological attention, which is why my first spontaneous question was, “why should we suppose lobbying is not legitimate in the first place?”. One answer I […]

Italian elections, Grillo, populism and (fake) Euroscepticism

4 March 2013

WARNING: this article is meant to be an anxiolytic for all the people foreseeing that, following elections, Italy will leave the EU/Euro. If you read newspapers or browse through websites regularly, you might have noticed that we finally have the definitive results of Italian parliamentary elections. Before the actual elections, some commentators have described them […]

The Migrant’s Journal, Vol.1: Voting Rights

26 February 2013

“A man without a vote is a man without protection”, according to Lyndon B. Johnson. About 3% of EU citizens live in a EU member state other than their own, according to Eurostat. A very simplistic Aristotelian syllogism at this point would lead to the conclusion that almost 3% of EU citizens live with only […]