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Darius Mikulenas

Darius Mikulenas

About Darius

Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, Darius decided to see a bit more of the world and moved to UK to complete his BA studies at the University of Essex and MA studies at the University of Kent. He saw Lithuania join the EU and experienced the impact it had on the country and its people, hence his deep interest in EU politics. Having studied the functioning of the EU in detail, Brussels seemed like an excellent destination to build his career and to experience the infamous Brussels Bubble.
He is passionate about EU affairs in general, but his attention is focused in particular on the topics of environment, energy and sustainability. Unsurprisingly, this is what he writes about the most here at European Public Affairs.

At the moment he is interning with different public affairs consultancies and industry associations, aiming to become a policy officer. Darius wants to dive into the energy, environment, and sustainability topics and get to know these policy areas inside-out. However, he is also fascinated by how the European political figures manage to work together on the EU level, so in his spare time he reads about behavioural psychology, negotiations and mediation, and diplomacy.

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Articles by Darius:

The Commission’s Transport Decarbonisation Communication

29 September 2016

Environment has become a big topic in the public sphere. From agriculture to energy production, we care about how what we use is being produced. We know public awareness efforts are paying off as well; all industries have notably reduced their impact on the planet, even if not at the pace we would want them […]

War on drugs is failing to achieve results

4 May 2016

The infamous Nixon-era term ‘war on drugs’ personifies a set of policies that started to take root in the 1970’s which were aimed at discouraging the production, consumption and distribution of drugs in the U.S. While initial approaches actually led to a reduction of severity of punishments related to the possession of certain substances, in […]

The New Heating and Cooling Strategy: Warmer Homes, Cheaper Bills and More Efficient Industries

24 March 2016

The European Commission has recently published its proposals for the Heating and Cooling sector, signaling the next stage in improving the energy efficiency and sustainability levels around Europe.  While the release has been low-key, partly overshadowed by other crises in the continent, its impact will be far reaching – beneficial both for the environment and […]

The unclear future of EU-ETS: is there still a chance of success?

5 February 2016

The EU-ETS has been a cornerstone tool for combating rising greenhouse gas emission levels since its inception. It began to embody the “polluter pays” principle, which pointed out that emissions create external costs (damage to air, water, soil etc.) that should be paid for by those who produce the emissions. This will make polluting a […]