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Ariane Aumaitre

Ariane Aumaitre

About Ariane

My relationship with European Studies happens to be a recent event in my life. In 2012, I received a BA in Tourism Management in Spain –where I am from. After that, I moved to Paris, where I lived and worked for almost three years in the Tourism industry. During this time, I developed an interest in Spanish and French politics, in economy and in the area of European Public Affairs, which eventually brought me to Maastricht, where I am currently enrolled in the Maastricht University European Studies pre master program. As part of EPA, you will read me analyzing several aspects of European public policies and current events in Spanish politics among other things.

Articles by Ariane:

Gender Equality: still a priority for the EU?

29 April 2016

Gender equality has been within the core values of the European Union from the beginning of the European project, since article 119 of the Treaties of Rome (1957) introduced the principle of equal pay for men and women. Nowadays, it is still part of the Treaties: articles 2 and 3 of the TEU explicitly mention […]

Constitutional crisis in Poland: is EU rule of law at risk?

20 April 2016

Since the October 2015 elections in Poland, won by the right-wing eurosceptic party Law and Justice,the country has repeatedly been in the European agenda because of its so called constitutional crisis. The new government has carried out a series of measures regarding the functioning of Poland’s Constitutional Court, which has been declared unconstitutional by the […]

Spain: looking for a new government

29 February 2016

National elections took place in Spain more than two months ago, and yet, the country does not seem any closer now to having a new government that it did the 20th of December. During these two months, we have seen all parties negotiating with each other, but there is skepticism about their actual willingness to […]

Economic sanctions against Russia: What to expect next?

16 December 2015

This week is likely to be crucial for the extension of EU economic sanctions against Russia. The issue will be discussed by Heads of State during the European Council on Thursday and Friday. Sanctions are due to expire in January 2016 and an extension of six months, waiting for the Minsk Agreements to be fulfilled, […]

Youth policy in the EU: a critical overlook

18 November 2015

It is commonly stated that young people have been one of the most affected groups by the recent economic crisis. Youth unemployment is systematically higher than the total rate within the EU, the risk of poverty and social exclusion has shifted from the elderly to the young, and the transition from childhood to adulthood is […]