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Andrea Gentili

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Andrea is a founding member of EuropeanPublicAffairs.EU.

I always dreamed to be a journalist, novelist, poet, a storyteller… so why am I working on EU Affairs?! Well, I guess to accrue stories. My own story started below the Alps, in Bergamo, sprouted next to the (European) column of Hercules, Seville, and led me to Brussels, via Maastricht. There, I studied European Public Affairs and worked as Communications Associate for an NGO, Empower European University (the name announces the aim). Studying interest representation made me eager to see how it really works and I went for it. I started in Brussels in the office of Imperial Tobacco, in the decisive months for the review of the Tobacco Products Directive. To keep on cutting my teeth and exploring the bubble, I have moved to a major consultancy, where I work on banking union and financial services legislation. I write about what I know and what I like; EU affairs, Latin-America, Italian politics (quite frustrating, I know).

You can relay your views to me in English, Spanish, Italian and French and, of course, hurl insults at me in every other language.

Email at *protected email* or tweet to @AGentili_EU.

Articles by Andrea:

Italian Presidency: Priorities, Insights and Best Wishes

16 June 2014

First, with new Rapporteurs to be appointed at the end of July (earliest), a new Commission to be formed in November, the August recess as well as the July/December holidays, the upcoming (1 July) Italian Presidency is left with about 4 months of actual Council work and little room for trialogues. Second, adding to the […]

Venezuela, One Year Later

14 April 2014

One year ago, Venezuela was appointing its new president Nicolas Maduro, as a result of a narrow (and contested) victory from the elections which followed the death of President Hugo. Ahead of those elections, I voiced on this same blog the open questions that were ahead for the new Venezuelan government, along with my hopes […]

Italian excessive economic imbalances, let’s talk about homework

7 March 2014

On Thursday, the European Commission published its In-Depth Reviews, as part of the 2014 cycle of the European Semester. The analysis concluded that Italy has excessive economic imbalances. Reactions from Rome were immediate: the new Prime Minister Renzi responded with the 134 characters of twitter. The Italian Economic and Finance Ministry elaborated a bit more […]

Registration is not (yet) mandatory but transparency is

20 February 2014

A title with a bracket does not look good. It neither  raises a question, nor makes a strong statement. Though, it seems to me to serve the purpose of an article which briefly takes stock of the review of Transparency Register for lobbyists and reflects upon the implications for European Public Affairs’ practitioners. As foreseen […]

Prof. Jo Ritzen on EU Public Policy

6 September 2013

Dear readers, I am happy to present to you the views on EU elections, MFF, education and employment of Prof. Jo Ritzen. Prof. Jo Ritzen is the former Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences, who will continue to play his role in the EU public policy arena within the upcoming months and in 2014, […]

Dobrodošli Hrvatska

5 July 2013

Disclaimer 1: This light article is directed to our more loyal readers that need some distractions, with the weekend/holidays approaching. All the others are invited to go back and cut their teeth with our more serious pieces on EU energy security, animal welfare, how to save the world from Brussels and comitology (do we have […]

The EU Transparency Register for lobbying. Not a success, not a failure: work in progress.

5 June 2013

On a dozy night in Maastricht, with the end of my university life in sight and the start of the working life approaching, I decided to watch the movie Brussels Business. The movie is a thrilling piece of art, if not for everyone, at least for EU Public affairs students and practitioners.  I realized that […]

Italian politics? No hurry, it can’t get worse than this.

12 April 2013

The mess after the ballots The days after the elections, the 24th and 25th of February respectively, every candidate claimed to be satisfied of their victory. In Italian politics such an attitude is quite common. People sitting in the Parliament for decades can hardly admit a loss. However, in those day’s comments there was a […]

Where will Venezuela go?

27 March 2013

Where will Venezuela go as Chávez goes into mythology? This article comes weeks after Venezuelan caudillo, Hugo Chávez, died on the 6th of March. Hence, the commentary is neither a farewell nor a note for the enormously-recounted event itself. On the contrary, that is an attempt to understand where Chávez left Venezuela, and where the country will go after […]

The Dog Chasing its Own Tail

6 March 2013

In the village where I was born and raised, Stezzano, my neighbor had a dog, Zorro, who used to entertain himself chasing his own tail. I read somewhere that this is a natural behavior among puppies whereas it is not normal for adult dogs. When I went to Italy in December, I sadly discovered that […]