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About EPA


This analysis and discussion platform was founded at the start of 2013 by 24 individuals with a European Public Affairs Masters degree from Maastricht University, that had become professionals in the field. This has since expanded, with a current pool of over 50 Public Affairs or Policy professionals contributing to EPA’s success.

EPA was created as an accessible platform to provide specialised political analysis and commentary in the area of European politics, policy, as well as strategically related developments. Diversity is at our core, both in where our contributors come from as well as their areas of expertise.

In order to acquire more information about any individual contributors, please refer to the Contributors page.
For any general questions or to be considered as a contributor , please contact: natashalevanti[@]europeanpublicaffairs.eu .


The individuals currently responsible for day to day upkeep and website interactions, including social media are:

Natasha Levanti,  Frank Markovic  & Edmund Gavaghan


The Technical Design & Support of this website is from Jonáš Jančařík.


Please note that the views expressed in an article are the views of the individual who wrote that particular piece. An individual author’s views does not necessarily express the views of other group members. Nor do the views in an article reflect the views of any particular organisation or institution.