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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Spain: looking for a new government

29 February 2016 | by

National elections took place in Spain more than two months ago, and yet, the country does not seem any closer now to having a new government that it did the 20th of December. During these two months, we have seen all parties negotiating with each other, but there is skepticism about their actual willingness to […]

The Dire Straits of Brexit: Potential implications for the EU, UK and the V4

19 February 2016 | by

This article was co-written by Dr Christian Schweiger, Frank Markovic & Tomas A. Nagy. Towards the ´inevitable´ referendum As the third largest member state in terms of population, the UK has in principle a substantial political weight inside the EU. Since the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973, reluctantly and only after […]

Does Europe need a European intelligence agency?

10 February 2016 | by

With the attacks in Paris last year some leaders in the European Parliament have called for a pan-European intelligence agency. The leader of ALDE, Verhofstadt, is a proponent of such an organization. He has called for more cooperation between intelligence agencies or the start of an independent European Intelligence Agency. With this call he has […]

What the Volkswagen scandal reveals about the EU?

8 February 2016 | by

The scandal duly dubbed as Dieselgate, which erupted last September when US authorities found that Volkswagen cars were equipped with a special software to cheat emission tests, does not only raise serious doubts about the ethical conduct of one of Europe’s flagship companies, but also highlights a whole range of structural problems that paralyse the […]

The unclear future of EU-ETS: is there still a chance of success?

5 February 2016 | by

The EU-ETS has been a cornerstone tool for combating rising greenhouse gas emission levels since its inception. It began to embody the “polluter pays” principle, which pointed out that emissions create external costs (damage to air, water, soil etc.) that should be paid for by those who produce the emissions. This will make polluting a […]