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Monthly Archives: January 2016

EU Foreign Policy: It is more efficient to work with its weaknesses than to desperately look for an ideal – Case of Syria

29 January 2016 | by

Regarding the conflicts in Syria and in the MENA region, two main issues are being over discussed; Schengen and the EU foreign policy. Not to be confused and in order to avoid general comments on the uselessness of the EU external affairs, it is necessary to remind that the EU is very strong in the […]

High-Tech Fortress Europe: FRONTEX and the Dronization of Border Management

27 January 2016 | by

Irregular migration has become one of the top issues on the European Union’s (EU) security agenda in terms of securing external borders, protecting the cultural and ethnic identity of EU Member States, safeguarding their socio-economic welfare systems, and combating terrorism and organised crime. However, despite countless political exclusionary discourses, media cover-ups, policy efforts and drastic […]

U.K. Out / Turkey In: the EU’s Next Storms

25 January 2016 | by

If the recent EU series of near-disasters has left you searching for some respite, think again: there are two threats ahead that could well transform into a systemic crisis. Indeed, after the near-collapse of the EU-bond market, the high drama of Grexit, and the mass refugee tragedy, the worst might be yet to come. The […]

Refugee Crisis: Bridging the gap between Old and New Europe

13 January 2016 | by

Europe: Perpetual state of Crisis For almost half a century now, the Society of the German Language has chosen the so called Word of the Year – a word or a group of words that in the past 12 months made the most significant contribution to the country’s history. Last year’s winner? “Fluechtlinge” or in […]

The European Commission’s Preparatory Action (PA) on CSDP-related Research: Bridging the European Defence Technology Gap

6 January 2016 | by

Less than a century ago, Edmund Husserl’s warning words about the European continent were more than farsighted: ‘the gravest danger menacing Europe is its lassitude.’[i] Applied to the security and defence international landscape, his words ring even truer. In the current climate of fiscal and economic austerity, recent debates on the European Union’s (EU) security […]