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Monthly Archives: September 2015

EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu is recruiting

30 September 2015 | by

As many of our readers know, EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu (EPA) is a website for specialised political commentary in the area of European politics, policy, and strategically related developments with over 4300 followers on twitter, 2000+ likes on Facebook, and an average of 500 website hits per day. Since its inception in 2013 when created by fellow master students at Maastricht University – in one of the […]

A missed opportunity for V4 to rise above themselves

28 September 2015 | by

During the recent weeks and months the EU has become consumed by the events of the refugee crisis unfolding both on Europe’s external and internal borders. Regrettably, the ongoing humanitarian tragedy has been reduced to the mere question of refugee quotas – and often at the expense of solutions that would address the cause of […]

Has the Problem of Youth Unemployment Become a Secondary Issue?

23 September 2015 | by

The second week of September was chosen by the European Commission as the European Week of Sport – a new initiative aimed at promoting healthier lifestyle and regular exercise. While pioneered by the European Commission, the European Week of Sport was largely geared towards local grass root initiatives across the EU. One of these initiatives […]

Ukraine’s Humanitarian Crisis: Psychosocial Dimension

16 September 2015 | by

This piece is part of a series of articles about Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis triggered by the on-going war with Russia-backed rebels in the East of the country. In countries like Ukraine – where the population has not experienced war for many years and suddenly finds itself in the midst of bloodshed – when people talk […]

Germany’s PKW-Maut Bill – update on a potential toll for foreign drivers

14 September 2015 | by

Germany’s controversial PKW-“Maut” bill – a motorway toll that would de facto apply to foreign passenger cars only, originally planned to come into force in 2016, is currently still pending an open infringement procedure from the Commission. The Commission argues that the bill is not compliant with the EU principle of non-discrimination while the German […]