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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Local and Regional Elections in Spain 2015: Now, closer than ever to Europe.

29 May 2015 | by

After the last local and regional elections it seems obvious that a new political era is starting in Spain. After almost 30 years since its annexation to the EU, Spain is beginning to achieve real progress towards a genuine integration within the European community and provide itself with the tools to compete on an equal footing. […]

What next for the UK: Why the EU referendum concerns us all

13 May 2015 | by

The general election results in the UK took many pundits, politicians as well as the general public, by surprise. The pre-election speculations on potential coalitions and political deals came to no avail, as the Conservatives mastered a tight majority in the House of Commons and will for the next five years govern on their own. […]

65th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration: Retirement time!

11 May 2015 | by

Five days after Star Wars celebrated their World Day – May the Fourth be with you – the “fandom” of the European Union celebrated the 65th anniversary of one of its greatest symbols: The sexagenarian Schuman declaration. On May 9, 1950, the French foreign minister Robert Schuman (alongside Jean Monnet) proposed a plan to pool […]

Europe Day – A day for a genuine European vision

8 May 2015 | by

Ladies and Gentlemen, mark your calendar because on 9 May it is Europe Day! You may not have known and wondered why such an event exists? Let me then briefly introduce you to some of the many reasons there are for celebrating Europe Day. Why not? First of all, why not? On the 9 May […]

Resisting TTIP: Dissecting the popular resentment toward the world’s most ambitious free trade agreement

5 May 2015 | by

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is vastly ambitious in its scope. It seeks to reduce or eliminate the existing trade barriers between the US and the EU common market. In doing so, its supporters argue that it will create over €100 billion (a GDP increase of about 0.5 – 1 percent) worth of […]