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What is ITS and how it will change the way you move?

30 April 2015 | by

ITS is the acronym for Intelligent Transport Systems, which refers to the application of Information and Communication technologies in different transport modes and transport infrastructures. It is a pretty broad concept that encompasses, for example, real-time traffic information, Advance Driver Assistance systems, automated cars or contactless ticketing. Currently, transport infrastructures are under strong pressure, particularly […]

The Future of the Banking Union: ECB’s supervisory role challenged at EU’s court

9 April 2015 | by

While our eyes are currently firmly fixed on Greece, which is often perceived as the most acute threat to the Eurozone’s future, in the meantime the stability of the Europe’s monetary union is being undermined by the back door. That is because the newly established supervisory role for the European Central Bank (ECB) has recently […]

Schengen in the Wake of Germanwings Tragedy: Reconciling Freedom and Security

7 April 2015 | by

Security and liberty are not easy bedfellows. In 1667, the French government created the first modern police force. It was created with the mission of providing safety – and representing the government – in Paris, Europe’s largest city at the time. In 1797, the British government considered creating a similar force, to limit theft and […]