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Monthly Archives: September 2014

A (mis)guide on CSR and Trade Agreement application in the Cambodian garment industry

29 September 2014 | by

Workers claims for a fair living wage. CCHR President Ou Virak commented on January that “While many of the political demonstrations which have taken place over the last few months have been met with restraint from the security forces, there is an increasingly clear link between the excessive use of force by security forces and […]

NATO’s Eastern Security Threats and the Need to Go Back to Basics

25 September 2014 | by

Occupation of the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine was supposed to be a turning point in NATO’s relations with Russia. The Wales summit, in this regards, was expected to reform policies towards the country. However, the expectations did not come true due to the fact that the member states focused more on building an international coalition […]

How the UK and Scotland could pave the way for the EU: the West Lothian Question at the European level

24 September 2014 | by

Beyond its expected impact on other European separatists movements, last week’s referendum in Scotland and its “No” victory did shift the debate from the issue of a newly independent Scottish state to the details of a new move towards a deepened devolution of powers from the Westminster Parliament to the Edinburgh one. However, the British […]

Why Russia will not close its sky to EU airlines (and why it might)

22 September 2014 | by

With a new set of sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU last week, the trade war between the two sides is gaining momentum. Postulating the potential Russian response, the rumours say that the government at the Kremlin may decide to close its airspace to airlines from the EU and the USA. As alarming as […]

EU-Ukraine: Ratification vs. Implementation

17 September 2014 | by

Yesterday the Ukrainian and European parliaments simultaneously ratified the landmark Association Agreement: 355 and 535 votes respectively. A synchronous signing session followed thereafter. As European Parliament rapporteur Jacek Saryusz-Wolski from the EPP said yesterday: “Through this ratification, Ukraine’s European choice will be institutionalised and will bind the futures of the EU and Ukraine together. Ukrainian […]