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Having learnt from mistakes of past, the EU must avoid new ones: Need for a more inclusive & enlarged Union

30 July 2014 | by

Europe, in its long and eventful history, has become both victim to and perpetrator of the most horrific acts of brutality. This year marks the hundredth anniversary of one of the bloodiest displays of carnage that human kind has ever seen. World War I was bound to end all wars and a decisive victory of […]

European Crisis: 28 July 1914 & 28 July 2014 – Marking the Centennial of World War I

28 July 2014 | by

“Against the vast majority of my countrymen… in the name of humanity and civilisation, I protest against our  share in the destruction of Germany. A month ago Europe was a peaceful comity of nations: if an Englishman killed a German, he was hanged. Now, if an Englishman kills a German, or if a German kills […]

A Return to Pragmatism? Lord Hill announced as UK Commissioner Designate

17 July 2014 | by

British Prime Minister David Cameron has just announced Jonathan Hopkin Hill, Baron Hill of Oareford (ergo Lord Hill) as the British Commissioner designate. This nomination may prove to be the most important in UK-EU relations, and indeed in the history of the College of Commissioners, given the ever-more precarious position of the UK within the […]

Resisting Complacency – EU Citizens in UK Strive to Fix European Election Voting Problems

16 July 2014 | by

Prior to the European elections this past May, the alarm had been raised that the voter registration procedures throughout the European Union were convoluted, difficult to navigate for those trained, and the sheer number clouded most organisations from providing aid to citizens. While the EU stresses democratic legitimacy of voting, and encourages mobility amongst citizens, […]

Who should pay to fix German potholes? Weighing the initiative for a toll on ‘foreign’ road users [Updated]

15 July 2014 | by

When Germany’s two largest parties – the CDU and the SPD – approved the coalition treaty just before Christmas last year, Angela Merkel’s sister party (CSU) managed to secure a key concession: the possibility of introducing a controversial motorway toll for foreign passenger cars. When the proposal was first launched, not many people in Berlin […]