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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Knitting road and rail networks: Integrating EU transport

30 June 2014 | by

The successor of the EC Commissioner of transport, Siim Kallas, who has declared his retirement from politics after completing his term, is going to find their new office under significant renovation. At the end of 2013, the European Commission announced the most substantial overhaul in its transport policy since its inception, by replacing the existing […]

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – Part 3

27 June 2014 | by

Together with the appointment of the new leadership in the EU, high on the political agenda of the two-day EU summit (26-27th June) is Ukraine. A buzzword that stands  in the international media environment for many things currently: sanctions on Russia,  European security architecture, unprecedented civil society uprisings, EU energy diversification projects, Russia-sponsored terrorism and […]

Russian Bear: the test for Europe’s adequacy

25 June 2014 | by

“Let us divide Ukraine between Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. It is never too late to correct historical mistakes”. This statement belongs to the odious and scandalous Russian politician Vladimir Zhyrinovskiy. You might also know him from his previous “masterpieces” stating that Ukraine is not a country, rather a fake geopolitical space. Many people do […]

The Dash for Gas – unconventional gas exploration and European exploitation

23 June 2014 | by

Since the unconventional gas (otherwise known as shale gas or fracking) boom in the US over the last decade, Europe has been trying to diversify its energy and carbon emissions supply chain in order to: 1) meet European binding 2020 energy and emission targets; and 2) combat the rapid importation of cheap coal which is […]

Did you know…? A round-up of news from Central Europe #1

18 June 2014 | by

In the hype of allegedly more consequential and newsworthy events, many of us have become blissfully unaware of developments in the region of Central Europe. It is because I do believe that the path to better Europe ultimately leads via a better understanding of one another, I have decided to do my bit and periodically […]