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Monthly Archives: May 2014

The European Business Summit 2014 and a Post-Election Reflection

30 May 2014 | by

Last weekend I took a trip to Berlin; Visiting friends, former colleagues, and just enjoying the unique spirit of the German capital. Owing to the then imminent European elections, the city was strewn with election posters, placards and other paraphernalia. In the fancier parts of Charlottenburg, one could see the anti-European poster-campaign of the Eurosceptic […]

The Multiple Seats of the European Parliament – Role Model of Good Governance?

29 May 2014 | by

Last Sunday was the big day where many European citizens cast their votes to elect the new European Parliament for the next five years. The European Parliament represents the interests of the European citizens through direct elections, but is still, up to a certain degree, ruled by member states. Unlike any other government in the […]

Better Ownership of the EU: Key to Higher Turnout in the European Elections?

28 May 2014 | by

The European elections are done and dusted. Although some of the implications of last week’s vote will not materialize for some time to come, we can draw one conclusion already: Europeans are increasingly feeling disengaged from the European Union. This is true despite the EU-wide turnout slightly increasing since 2009, due to many of the […]

EP Elections 2014 – A Narrow Path Against Austerity, A Dangerous Misstep Towards…

26 May 2014 | by

Simply, the European elections have left a post-apocalyptic scenario. Austerity policies have left a new weaker Europe, in which the intergovernmental character will rise significantly. In this scenario, although the main political power houses remain in power they will need a pact in order to maintain a solid core of power at the new Commission […]

#EP2014 and #BE2505: A short guide dedicated to the expatriates living in Belgium

23 May 2014 | by

Being Belgian while living and/or working in Brussels inside the European microcosm can be sometimes quite challenging. Although you do not have to go through the same hurdles as all your expat friends whose situation of being foreign makes it more difficult when dealing with administrative matters, the challenge resides actually in your newly acquired […]