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#EUDebate2014 – EU Commission candidates outline their policies, but was anybody listening?

30 April 2014 | by

On Monday 28th April, the first EU Presidential debate took place between four of the candidates campaigning to become EU Commission President at the end of 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz, Guy Verhofstadt, and Ska Keller (Alexis Tsipras chose not to take part), held in the birthplace of the EU, Maastricht. Organised by the European […]

No Barriers

28 April 2014 | by

What does the childhood of an ordinary child look like? You are born, your parents raise you in their family, you go to your local school with the other children in the neighborhood and you get to know each other at school, at sports clubs and later on in the pub. However, not all European […]

Tchüss/Salut/Bye Dany! A tribute to Daniel Cohn-Bendit

25 April 2014 | by

2014 sees the departure of many well-known and respected MEPs, each having contributed in their own way to the work of the European Parliament. I would however like to pay special tribute to someone who was instrumental in the evolution of my own personal engagement with the European Parliament, years before I had seen either […]

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – Part 2

23 April 2014 | by

As already discussed in the first part of this article, the Association Agreement is a crucial milestone of Ukraine’s further development – both internally and externally. It has the potential to determine this country’s geopolitical and prospective civilizational future for the next few decades. Ukraine, together with the EU, have jointly put much effort and […]

The Situation of an Unduly Neglected Human Right in the EU

18 April 2014 | by

From a cultural human rights perspective, the European Union represents a rather unique case. Instead of developing its own policy, it rather, on the one hand, works in conjunction with and becomes party to the documents of other international organisations with a focus on culture and cultural rights, such as the UNESCO and the Council […]