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Familial Balancing Act of Social Benefits

28 February 2014 | by

Life is, most assuredly, unpredictable. It is something that neither the citizen nor the government can always account for. Sitting with several Europeans, we were discussing every economist’s eternal contemplation – government welfare – the ultimate attempt to account for the predictable as well as the unpredictable needs of society. In these hard economic times, […]

Clash of the Titans: European Council vs. European Parliament and their fight for the next Commission President

26 February 2014 | by

Over the years the European Parliament elections have increasingly become synonymous with “second order elections” where the brightest candidates do not always make it onto the ballot, and with “low turnout” caused by the citizens’ perception that the European Union is too complex, irrelevant to their interests and not very exciting. But this time… this […]

UKRAINE: The won battle and the coming war

25 February 2014 | by

The long-awaited prefix “Ex” in front of the title President has finally become reality. Ukraine has been released from its wanna-be-dictator Yanukovych. Do not get overexcited, this does not mean anything yet. Here is a short story of what happened and what this means now.

Stop the Traffik! People shouldn’t be bought and sold

24 February 2014 | by

At school, we are taught about the slave trade in history books – Men, women and children sold and bought by other human beings. They were chained, exploited, beaten and killed, all legally. In most countries, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, slavery was abolished and became a criminal offence. However, slavery is not over. People are […]

Restrictions to Freedom of Movement for Labour: the Culture of Something for Nothing

21 February 2014 | by

With the recent developments in Switzerland, the pan-European rise of popularity of the extreme right, and the recurring theme of xenophobia whipped up by the national press, one can be rightfully concerned whether the anti-migration movement in Europe is gathering pace in the run-up to the EU elections in May. Sadly, but not surprisingly, recent […]