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Monthly Archives: January 2014

The new Czech government: changing the course on EU policy

31 January 2014 | by

On Wednesday 28 January, the new Czech government was officially sworn in. It had not been a short wait – 95 days since the elections and 169 days since the previous (caretaker) government lost a vote of confidence are both record time-frames for the country. The new government is the first one led by the Czech Social […]

EU 2030 Objectives: emissions vs. renewables

30 January 2014 | by

Following the recent publication of the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies by the European Commission (EC), I was struck by the political struggle over what, to many people, would seem like a trivial choice of phrase: emissions or renewables. Behind the serene diplomatic curtain of these negotiations the key battleground has been whether […]

Why a Madiba dies everyday trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea

29 January 2014 | by

As my dearest colleague Silvia Curbelo stated in a previous article, debates on EU migration have been catapulted to the front of the policy spectrum by the hand of the EU Greek council presidency, calling for a unified asylum system and a more coordinated management of border controls. However, the situation is far from reaching […]

Why public affairs does not equal lobbying

27 January 2014 | by

According to Public Affairs Council President Doug Pinkham, “public affairs is the most important function that nobody understands”. It is certainly much easier to walk into a party and introduce yourself as a ‘lobbyist’ though even that term may be rather mysterious (and often negative) to most. It is worth considering therefore what these job […]

Pondering on Europe

24 January 2014 | by and

Just an ordinary day in an ordinary pub in Breda, a mid-size city situated in the south of the Netherlands. After a few beers, conversations turn towards a global economic topic,and more specifically the current financial crisis. Dutch politicians are claiming that we are gradually climbing out of the recession. Whether this is due to […]