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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy Holidays from the EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu Team

21 December 2013 | by

At this festive time of the year, our team cannot help but reflect upon what 2013 has meant for us. We are truly humbled by the growing readership, and the various discussions inspired by our articles. To be able to engage readers in and increase awareness of hot topics in European public affairs is, in […]

The Estrella Report: only a woman has the right to decide

20 December 2013 | by

On the 10th December 2013, the European Parliament rejected a Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (the Estrella Report), and voted for a rival conservative resolution. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right (SRHR) is one of the most divisive topics in our society. It has been fascinating to see that the European Parliament […]

Democracy should not be taken for granted – the recent developments in Central and Eastern Europe

18 December 2013 | by

Notwithstanding the “natural” selection procedure of news worthy stories that the media tend to subject themselves to, it is important that we keep ourselves abreast with issues that have perhaps not warranted as much media coverage but which nevertheless matter. In the midst of the Ukrainian upheaval (read here and here) the region of Central […]

EU’s single energy market: two sides of the coin

9 December 2013 | by and

As already highlighted in a previous article dealing with the internal energy market in the EU, the European Commission has announced a list of 248 energy projects of common interests, which have been presented during the conference “Completing the Internal Energy Market: Building an Integrated European Energy Network”. We have previously discussed the various perspectives on […]

ESPON: Eyes on European regions and cities

6 December 2013 | by

From promising opportunities of metropolitan cooperation to attracting investment as a means of counteracting gender imbalances in rural areas, ESPON maps untapped development resources in European regions and cities. It aims to feed territorial evidence into the policy arena, supporting the formulation of well-tuned policy measures. In this article Mr Peter Mehlbye, Director of the […]