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More power to the High Representative? A brilliant German idea, or just a “Querelle Byzantine”?

29 November 2013 | by

For anyone familiar with the history of the European integration, it is hardly surprising that when Germany speaks the European Union tends to listen. Germany is the Member-State with the largest population in the Union – and thus enjoys the largest institutional weight in terms of votes in the Council and Members of the European […]

EU not serious enough about the future of Ukraine

27 November 2013 | by

After a marathon of endless negotiations between the EU and Ukraine, it seemed almost inevitable that the two parties would come to an agreement and sign the so-called Association Agreement. With the Vilnius Summit one day away, last week’s decision by the Ukrainian government to halt the pursuit of closer integration with the EU has […]

The TTIP Negotiations: A Transatlantic Perspective

26 November 2013 | by

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is set to become a defining moment in our relationship with America, on par with such historic events as the Fall of the Berlin Wall, or the 9/11 attacks on New York City. For the European Union (EU) as an organisation, having only achieved its current legal and […]

EIGE Report Reveals: Economic crisis hit gender-equality institutions first

25 November 2013 | by

On 21-22 November, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) invited journalists and communications experts from many of the Member States to Vilnius in order to present the latest findings on ‘Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of gender equality‘. This meeting – the fifth of its kind – was special in at least two aspects. […]


22 November 2013 | by

Coincidence or not, but the 21st of November is again the beginning of a new revolution in Ukraine. You remember, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians all covered in orange standing on the central square of Kyiv and other cities? Yes, back in 2004, exactly on the 21st of November. On that day, people started gathering […]