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A Byte of EU Data Protection

30 October 2013 | by

In the age of internet, no longer is it necessary to follow someone’s paper trail, for if one has the digital know-how, the quantity of data that can be obtained is, quite simply, shocking. The world is at your fingertips. Admittedly, we have become fairly reliant upon technology and for the most part it does […]

EU Digital Economy Under Threat By New Data Protection Legislation

28 October 2013 | by

The flow of digital information within and between companies is growing. Successful dissemination of digital technology is vital for Europe’s economic recovery, job growth and competitiveness. The new data driven economy will have a huge impact not only on the ICT industry, but also on the “traditional” sectors. The combined total digital data value amounts […]

A tight budget is no excuse – what must the EU do to end global poverty?

25 October 2013 | by

Policy coherence for development Development aid, often viewed as a discretionary activity, is in fact an obligation of the Lisbon Treaty. It implies that all the policies of the EU must be coherent with its development aid objectives or at least not be conflicting with them. Having established the so-called ‘principle of policy coherence for […]

San Marino: Thanks but no thanks, EU accession!

21 October 2013 | by

For most of the citizens in this beautiful continent we call Europe, yesterday was a Sunday like many others. For 33,000 people, it was instead the day to cast a vote to determine their future within the EU. Yes, we are talking about the tiny Republic of San Marino. The citizens of the “serenissima” (most […]

EU Falls Short Of Development Aid Declarations

17 October 2013 | by

While writing this text, my unconditional reflex is to start with saying that today, the EU and the United Nations celebrate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Sadly, a quick look at the numbers does not give much reason for festivity. In addition, the occasion is marred by tragic events, such as those […]