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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) – from EU initiative to global impact

30 September 2013 | by

Since 2005, the EU ETS has led the charge for a stable and market-led carbon price across the European Union. Now, in its 8th year, the merits and future of the ETS, and its role across transnational industries, is looking likely to dominate the political landscape before the current European Commission engages in its timely […]

Germany Votes, Europe Waits

27 September 2013 | by

As most people armed with a connection to the internet, a radio, newspaper or TV may be aware, the German electorate has just elected a new Bundestag (Parliament) and coalition negotiations are currently underway. In every other election in Germany, maybe except for the elections which followed German Reunification (this will be discussed in a […]

Combating Planned Obsolescence – The Opportunity For Europe?

25 September 2013 | by

There was some big news in the tech world during the past weeks. The one I’d like to refer to is the Nokia mobile phone unit, taken over by Microsoft. Not that I’m very thrilled with that event, but I am not as opposed as the Finns who reportedly became quite depressed. When it comes […]

To Be, Or Not To Be? – Norway’s Regional Involvement

23 September 2013 | by

Norway, home to roughly 5 million people, is often thought to be isolated from the European Union. As a colleague said to me as I sat reading about the recent Norwegian elections, “Why bother? Norway will never join the EU, with their oil they don’t need to bother with the rest of us.” This casual […]

EP Vote on ILUC Proposal, the (Long) Road to Sustainable Biofuels

20 September 2013 | by

On the 11th September 2013, the European parliament adopted its position on the so-called iLUC proposal (Indirect Land-Use Change). This legislation aims at ensuring that unintended consequences on the environment connected with the growing biofuels market are taken into consideration. The Commission has committed itself to cut greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and for this purpose, promotes the […]