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Monthly Archives: June 2013

First Gender Equality Index Reveals Gender Equality is Only ‘Half-Reality’ For The EU

28 June 2013 | by

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) launched the first Gender Equality Index for the European Union on 13 June. ’The Index, the fruit of three years of hard work shows differences in outcomes between women and men at the individual level in EU Member States’ said Virginija Langbakk, the Director of EIGE in her opening speech. […]

The Ghost of Christmas Future

26 June 2013 | by

The world of work is working. Workers, employers and governmental representatives are discussing the future of the International Labour scene in a UN-based forum. This year, as any other, they are discussing key issues for our future: Employment and Social Protection for the new demographic; Sustainable Development, decent work and Green Jobs; and Social Dialogue. […]

Czech Civil Service Reform: How to Trick the EU

24 June 2013 | by

While Germany, the Netherlands and other countries seem close to stalling the accession process of Turkey once again due to the doubtful rule of law in the country, it might be interesting to think about how EU Member States themselves observe the Copenhagen criteria. In recent years, there have been doubts about developments in Hungary and Romania, to name a few, but there are also some less visible issues than freedom of press, or high-level power struggles, which can have severe consequences.

Kudos to the Kosovo–Serbia Agreement

21 June 2013 | by

Recent face to face talks have brought together Hashim Thaçi and Ivica Dačić, the prime ministers of Kosovo and Serbia respectively. Kosovo-Serbia talks began in October 2012 and were able to make huge progress by reaching a 15-point treaty on how to normalize relations by April 19, 2013. Furthermore, still today, both nation-states are striving to join […]

Greening the cities – a cost, or an investment?

19 June 2013 | by

Bristol did it! Last Friday, it was announced the winner of the European Green Capital title. In 2015, the capital of South West England will represent the ambitions of Europe in the campaign to make cities greener and more comfortable to live in. But are these ambitions realistic in these financially turbulent times? These days, […]