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Are gender quotas good or bad?

30 May 2013 | by

True: It is important to get more women into top corporate positions. The question is whether this should be done by obliging companies to fulfil quotas. Are quotas good or bad? Across Europe, women are strongly under-represented on corporate boards. European Commission statistics show that in January 2012, women occupied on average just 13.7 % […]

Odd one out: Religious Freedom, Money, Animal Welfare

29 May 2013 | by

In order not to let the issue of animal welfare dry up on these pages too quickly, I’d like to add one more snapshot to the full picture of how the EU declares to care about animals and eventually, does nothing. The case of ritual slaughter, the most cruel practice used in the meat business, […]

Who is this mysterious Neven Mimica, the first Croatian Commissioner?

27 May 2013 | by

On the 25th of April, Neven Mimica was named by Croatia as the 28th EU Commissioner of the European Commission. President Barosso expressed his agreement; that he was “happy” about the designation of “an experienced and committed European able to make an important contribution to the work of the European Commission”. This expected nomination coincides with the accession […]

Zoosadism We All Pay For: How The EU Keeps Bullfighting Alive

22 May 2013 | by

With his thought-provoking article on the EU approach to animals, published last Monday, my fellow blogger Emanuele seems to have magically brought about an event, that ultimately proved his point. Two days later, a group of European Parliament members asked the Commissioner of agriculture if it’s true that the EU Common Agricultural Policy funds are […]

Britain in Europe: An Amputation, Prosthetic Limb or a Benign Island?

20 May 2013 | by

These are the three options open to the UK on the issue of Europe. The rise of UKIP and the Tory implosion on the topic go a long way to suggest how it may end. I offer my own theory of how events may unfold between now and this fateful referendum. It is over two […]