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The W for Willem!

30 April 2013 | by

Finally, the big day in the Dutcherlands arrived! Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, 45, is set to become the country’s first king in more than a century when his mother, the current Queen Beatrix, abdicates after 30 years on the throne. Newspapers are filled with discussions on the most important topics: How are they preparing? What will […]

Hungary’s unique solution to low birth rates

26 April 2013 | by

Hungary, like many other European countries, is currently struggling to achieve positive population growth. In simple terms, the country is slowly dying out. But with Hungary being the 26th most innovative country in the world, you can rest assured the government would have a solution up its sleeve to remedy and avert what seems to […]

Ups and downs in the EU environmental debate: commitment to eco-investment and the EPP tricks

24 April 2013 | by

Among the many recent events significant for the environmental agenda, the vote on the backloading of the Emission Trading Scheme was particularly revealing. It not only made clear the demarcation line in the European Parliament, but it also became a stage for many deceitful arguments that led to the rejection of the reform.

How Europe Deals With a Bear

22 April 2013 | by

Why is any nation-state a member of the European Union? And when one is a member of the European Union, what are the sentiments of the people through the eyes of the national politicians? This article is specifically concerned with the opinions of two Danish politicians regarding the European Union. It is a follow-up to my […]

What is the picture of Europe? A talk with Jeroen Moes

19 April 2013 | by

This post is about a chat and, just like any self-respecting chat, it took place around a steaming cup of coffee. It was in Maastricht, and as you had already probably figured out due to its heading, it was about European identity. In the picture you can see my interlocutor, Jeroen Moes,who was in charge of […]