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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Data Protection: good for citizens but bad for business?

29 March 2013 | by

The future for data protection in Europe has finally arrived in the form of an EU Data Protection Regulation. Taking the stage after being leaked onto the virtual world, the new law will modernise the EU Data Protection Directive of 1995 in the form of a directly applicable Regulation. The European Commission presented this proposal […]

Where will Venezuela go?

27 March 2013 | by

Where will Venezuela go as Chávez goes into mythology? This article comes weeks after Venezuelan caudillo, Hugo Chávez, died on the 6th of March. Hence, the commentary is neither a farewell nor a note for the enormously-recounted event itself. On the contrary, that is an attempt to understand where Chávez left Venezuela, and where the country will go after […]

“Economic Giant, Political Dwarf” in the Age of the Global Economy – Part 1: Germany in the Community, foreign policy in an economic Europe

25 March 2013 | by

When one reads any of the myriad of articles following the European Debt Crisis, one can hardly fail to notice the key role Germany plays without some manner of epithet such as “…said Germany…Europe’s largest economy”, or “according to Chancellor Merkel, leader of the eurozone’s most powerful member”. To anyone who has followed the historical […]

Denmark in the European Union: A Chat with MEP Morten Messerschmidt

22 March 2013 | by

Given my experience with Danish politics, I always find it interesting to hear different perspectives on Denmark’s involvement in the European Union. I have spoken to many current and former national parliamentarians on the issue (I will address these views in an article shortly), but never a member of the European Parliament who is from […]

Today in Euronews: Gremlins 3! Cyprus trip!

20 March 2013 | by

Again, the Gremlins have escaped. This time they went to Cyprus – after a long winter it is always nice to get some fresh air – they have stolen suits, snaked on board airplanes and broken into offices. They are causing panic amongst EU citizens. It is true that Cyprus’s economy needs reform and they […]